Alabama Repeater Council

The Alabama Repeater Council coordinates amateur radio repeater frequencies. We utilize available data from our own database, as well as information from surrounding states. We use our own standards and guidelines as well as those of the Mid-America Coordination Council.


active coordinated repeaters


coordinations automatically processed on this site

10 days

average time to coordinate a repeater

Expired Most Wanted

These repeaters have expired their coordination. If you know anything that may lead to the arrest and conviction updating of this record, please contact us or the repeater owner.

12.67 yrs442.6
Ft PayneKF4FWZMichael D. Twilley, KF4FWZ
12.67 yrs224.12
WarriorW4GQFDan L. Owens, W4GQF
12.67 yrs224.66
AlbertvilleKF4EYTMark A. Boden, N4TZV
12.67 yrs444.825
South CommunityKI4ONHClay L. Brown, KI4ONH
12.33 yrs442.55
RainsvilleKF4BCRAnthony Baker, KF4BCR
12.17 yrs146.98
OzarkDale ARESJames (Jim) C Ketcham, KA4AFI
12.17 yrs145.25
GaylesvilleK4JSJackie W Steele, K4JS
12.17 yrs446.4
GadsdenWD4JBJimmy Beard, WD4JB
12 yrs147.06
AuburnKA4YTerry W. Harper, KA4Y
8.75 yrs445.25
Huntsville/Green MtnHMCEMADon Neville, K4RSB

Recent updates

  • WA4JOP (146.64)
    • Status was changed from `Under construction` to `Operational`
    • City was changed from `` to `Mobile`
    • SiteName was changed from `` to `West Mobile Fusion `
    • AMSL was changed from `` to `67.07`
    • AntennaGain was changed from `` to `8`
    • Analog_InputAccess was changed from `` to `210.70`
    • Analog_OutputAccess was changed from `` to `210.70`
    • Autopatch was changed from `` to `None`
    • EmergencyPower was changed from `False` to `True`
    • Linked was changed from `False` to `True`
  • WA4JOP (443.4)
    • Status was changed from `Operational` to `Temporarily off-the-air`
  • K4SCC (145.13)
    • TrusteeCallsign was changed from `N4MLP` to ` OM`
    • Status was changed from `Operational` to `Suspected off-the-air`
  • K4SCC (442.85)
    • Status was changed from `Suspected off-the-air` to `De-coordinated`
  • N4BRC (442.85)
    • City was changed from `Springville` to `Odenville`
    • SiteName was changed from `Simmons Mt.` to `Lake Country Estates`